Use Some Garden Edging To Really Make Your Garden Look Fantastic

Here is a question why do gardeners use any form of garden edging? First and foremost it’s a way of clearly defining and separating different areas of the garden. Very quickly even a garden that is just being set out for the first time will have structure and definition. Your lawn will be separated from the garden area as well as different areas of the garden being highlighted as it were. Any garden will benefit from some form of garden edging and to a casual observer seem well planned and thought out even if the total opposite is true.

The truth is that even a garden that is less than well cared for and unloved will immediately look like planning, love and design has taken place or is taking place simply because of the effect of some edging in place.

But what kind of edging should you use?  There are lots of different decorative garden edging available to use, made in a variety of materials from metal and plastic through to concrete and wood, which one to use is really personal choice.

Any of these types of garden edging will work successfully separating and organising the garden, so you must decide which is best for you and your garden. It may well be that you prefer the plastic edging strips that are really economical to buy and very quick and easy to fit, these are available in a range of colours and designs.

There are many other possible choices to purchase, a personal favorite of mine is bricks, you can place them flat on the ground edge to edge giving several choices of style or stand them slightly buried against each other, on  one edge or corner giving a jagged dogtooth effect.

If you need some really cheap garden edging you could collect smooth surfaced stones and rocks from along river banks and use them as garden edging all this would cost is your time.

Another economical idea could be to recycle used bottles and bury them upside down to form edging, however there could be a safety issue with the bottles if children regularly play in the garden.

Lots of gardeners prefer the natural look of wood, usually half submerged into the ground forming a small low type of fence again very easy to fit and the resultant edging looks fantastic. A different natural idea could be to use plants or shrubs as a decorative garden edging this would need regular attention and perhaps not immediately look the finished item but eventually the overall effect on the garden will be fantastic.

Other types of edging worth mentioning are concrete or metal in preformed strips again fairly easy to fit by slightly submerging in the ground both can be a financial investment but will be around to enjoy for a long time.

Using some form of garden edging is something that requires effort to plan and fit but when finished will make your garden stand out and look very loved.